We are in the fortunate position of continuously growing; we always have an eye out for talent to join us.

If you are an experienced engineer and would like to work with us, please send a CV and covering letter to

A bit more about DFC

We are in the fortunate position of continuously growing; we always have an eye out for talent to join us.

In DFC, we are passionate about fire safety engineering. Our vision is to instil good fire safety design into our client’s projects through all stages of the project’s life; design, construction and operation. We want to enable our clients to make decisions that impact on fire safety knowingly.

With increasing focus on fire safety in the build environment we are always looking for the committed individual that has an attitude to learn and desire to help us drive the same vision.

DFC is a vibrant independent company with values aligning with how we run our business. With a large portfolio of projects and a continual stream of new commissions, DFC has teams in London, Leeds and Manchester.

If you are interested in joining us, find out more about who we are, who we want, and how to apply below.

Who are we

When we first started out to grow the business, we came across a series of advice from Mike Dempsey in running a successful business. We felt them to ring true with our style so they became the ‘rules’ to running our business. We would love to discuss these with like minded people over a coffee (or even better, a beer).

As fire engineers, we hate getting bogged down by set ways and unnecessarily complicated administrative processes. They can hinder us from being effective. Being a small, privately owned company and guided by our business model, at DFC, we are fortunate in being able to focus on doing engineering, solving problems and getting stuck in.

We see success as the values we bring to each project, and in the relationships we develop with clients, architects and other designers. It is from these relationships that we are not shy of interesting projects.


In DFC, you get the opportunity to work on projects that vary across the sectors and stages of work. We offer a competitive salary and a generous holiday allowance.

As a fire engineering company, we are curious and we like learning, which are so important in a growing discipline. In the same way, we believe in supporting your development needs, both professionally and personally.

Professionally: With 7 chartered engineers in DFC, you will have a mentor that can help you with your professional development. We have staff that are active in the BSI and IFE community and those that actively engage with academia to challenge our technical understanding of fire safety.

Personally: We want to look after our staff; cycle schemes, flexible working, social events, maternity / paternity packages, Employee Assistance Program, and more.

Who we are Looking For

With the built environment always moving and always innovating, fire engineers are constantly facing new challenges. We want to be fire engineers that enable the new and question the ‘norm’, rather than sticking to traditional ways.

We want to work with likeminded individuals who share our values. People who value what we value.

What is it like to work with us?

We choose working spaces that suit our style in DFC, and provide staff the necessary IT, so that they can work at their desk or away from it.

As a team, we look after, challenge and learn from each other.  Although the company is split over three regional offices, we work together as one team, this is also reflected by our social events. Still not sure, have a look at our latest news to see what we get up to.

If you would like to work with us, please send a CV and covering letter to All we ask is that you don’t send the same cover letter that you send to everyone.