Raithwaite Hotel, Whitby

  • Location
    Whitby, UK
  • Client
    Skelworth Leisure Ltd
  • Construction Value
    £6 million

Project Description

The Raithwaite Estate comprises two small luxury boutique hotels, a health and beauty spa with leisure facilities and separate eco lodges and holiday cottages. Design Fire Consultants were appointed to provide fire safety design solutions to a varying extent on each of the buildings on the estate.

Specific performance based fire engineering solution was required within the Raithwaite Hall hotel, to enable the hotel to offer an increased guest suite size, with non-typical layouts.

A fire strategy was developed for The Keep hotel, which enabled the client to adopt an intimate reception/lounge atrium with open balcony escape from guestrooms and hotel facilitates.

A fire risk assessment was produced for each of the holiday cottages on the estate, which also formed a base framework to enable the client to conduct future annual assessments in-house.